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How to Make Permanent Black Ink

This is a simple recipe for a permanent black ink with just four basic ingredients. Black Ink Ingredients 1/2 tsp. lamp black (You can buy lamp black or carbon black or you can make your own by completely burning paper or wood.)1 egg yolk1 tsp. gum arabic1/2 cup honey Prepare the Black Ink Mix together the egg yolk, gum arabic, and honey.Stir in the lamp black. This will produce a thick paste which you can store in a sealed container.To use the ink, mix this paste with a small amount of water to achieve the desired consistency. Permanent black ink is not the only ink you can make at home. You can also make your own blue ink or non-toxic tattoo ink.

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Medicaid Is A Health Safety Net Program - 1789 Words

Introduction Medicaid is a health safety net program that was enacted to provide health care coverage to qualifying members of the population with low incomes and has become one of the largest payers for health care in the United States. In 2010, the Medicaid program was responsible for providing health services to over eight million women and covered over forty percent of all births. This gives Medicaid the distinction of being the majority payer for all maternity services in the United States. Despite the popularity of Medicaid and the proven need for medical services, the recipients of Medicaid are often saddled with stigma for receiving benefits. Negative connotations regarding Medicaid recipients were exacerbated in the 1970’s†¦show more content†¦Contrary to this opinion, others, including myself, believe that Medicaid expansion is not only necessary but imperative as it improves the health of mothers and children who are then more likely to become productive taxpayers that contribute to society. In addition to the health benefits, Medicaid expansion will most likely result in a cost savings for the states. A cost savings that would be realized by reducing the number of uninsured, the addition of healthcare related jobs and reduced patient loads at community sponsored free clinics. Background On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the bill that led to the establishment of Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid is a social protection program that was enacted to provide medical assistance to United States citizens who meet certain eligibility requirements and is jointly operated by the Federal and State government. Although each state is responsible for operating its own Medicaid system, it must comply with established Federal guidelines in order to receive matching funds. In the United States, approximately thirty percent of all children utilize the Medicaid program and that percentage doubles for children who are impoverished. As of 2015, approximately 70 million people are currently enrolled in Medicaid, which has an annual budget of half a billion dollars. Participants covered under the Medicaid system are eligible to

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The number of people skiing has increased steadily for the past 100 years Free Essays

The number of people skiing has increased steadily for the past 100 years. The ever popular sport was started by the English people visiting the Alps. Where people went skiing, resorts started to spring up and businessmen saw the opportunity to make money and started to expand these. We will write a custom essay sample on The number of people skiing has increased steadily for the past 100 years or any similar topic only for you Order Now These resorts started to bring in many opputunities for the locaal people to work in. Employment in these areas has increased drastically. For example, anyone who decides to visit the resort will have to stay in a hotel. These hotels may be run by an out of country firm but many of the employees would be from the surrounding villages. They would need bar staff, waiters, cleaners, chefs, receptionists, caretakers and managers. The same would go for a restaurant, this would need a manager, waiters, cleaners, and chefs. Many of these new properties that have business lead to multiple job opurtunities. Most of the employees would be local and live here all year. However, although up to 95% of the resorts workforce will be local, the skilled,high paid jobs would be taken by foreigners. Also the all year round businesses would change to become specialised in the few months to maximise the opportunity to make money. A normal sports shop would become specialised in a ski hire shop. The shop would have extra staff which again is an advantage to the local people. Also many people will either bring their children or will be first time skiers and will need an instructor. These people charge à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½100 for a week of training. This means that the ywill again bring in money for the local economy. Many people will leave their children in crà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ches and these will charge a lot of money again for the local people. However the catch is that these jobs are ENTIRLY dependant on the weather. People cannot ski if there is no snow. So apart from the ski season which at best is four months, the town will be like a small village. In the winter there can be thousands of people there. Some people may get replacement jobs in the summer. A ski instructor may become a water skiing intrsuctor. Or the crà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½che operator may become a teacher. Even so the majority of people will be out of work for eight months. Many may move away but to most people this work for four months make them stay. This halts the process of depopulation in these alpine areas. Depopulation means that people move out of an area because they feel they have no future there. The young people of the ski village will no tmove out because of the money to be made by the tourism in the area. Also if the people did move out ski resorts will not be able to operate as almost everything relys on humans. The will also not move out on the grounds that there are no facilities in the village. This is because many people attract banks, supermarkets, hotels etc. So this means that the people who move for better facilities don’t need to. But to many people the idea that there is only work for four months is still not good enough. So for this reason many people do still move away. But if they do stay as in many resorts today, during a busy period they will just add to overcrowding. Because of tourism the area will expience prosperity in their economy. The tourist who come are often on self-catering holidays, this means that will need to buy many items of food, they will spend money in supermarkets and in groceries. They may go to a restaurant, they will spend money there. They will spend money on ski equipment, on ski passes, lift passes and to the hotels. All this will improve the economy. All these jobs mean that people have more money than before. If they have more money their standard of living increases and so they spend more money in the village meaning the economy will prosper. However there are some down sides to this resort. For example, all this development is not natural. It leads to the environment being destroyed. If the environment is destroyed many animals will lose their habitats and will have to go elsewhere or face dying. Trees will also have to be cleared which again means that animals will be forced to leave. Another problem that could be faced by the area is the fact that because o fthe increase in the numbers of people, the number of cars and vehicles in the area also increases. This means that air pollution also gets emmited more. This is ironic as this air pollution leads global warming. This leads to the snow line to get higher. If there is less snow then the resort may be open for less time every year and maybe even be closed. This is a disadvantage for the resort. The other problem is that it can be affected by the present state of the worldwide economy. If people are worried that they may not have enough money, the first thing that they cut is a holiday. As many people who go skiing go as a holiday from abroad. This means that the ywill not go to the resorts. This would be disastrous for the resort as it is the only time of the year they can make money. This means that they would have a bad standard of living for that year. What is more is that the people who do come to the resort will spend less freely than they would normally. This is again due to the fact that the economical situation would make them spend less. A ski resort has many advantages and disadvantages. These are some of the main ones. How to cite The number of people skiing has increased steadily for the past 100 years, Essays

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Cognitive Developments of Infants and Young Children

Question: Discuss about the Report for Cognitive Developments of Infants and Young Children. Answer: 1. In my opinion, the three most important issues to consider while planning for a safe day care environment include the following: Checking the play area regularly so that the the children, while playing cannot get hurt or some major accident takes place Adhering to the guidelines of food and safety while preparing and serving food to the children and taking precautions for ensuring the safety of the children Keeping the medicines, insecticides, cleaners, toxic substances, first aid solutions away from the reach of the children and should be kept in the safety-locked cabinets (Rivkin, 2006). 2. In my opinion, the socio-economic factors that have had an impact on the physical/motor development of Genie include substance abuse and impaired emotional and cognitive abilities. In my opinion, the two interventions that would have improved her circumstances include Cognitive behavioural therapy and mental rehabilitation, as these two interventions would enhance her cognitive abilities. A child having impaired cognitive abilities is not able to live a normal life like the other children (Koffka, 2013).Cognitive behavioural therapy would have helped her to develop her brain in order to learn and and see things of the world. While mental rehabilitation would have helped her to develop social, intellectual and emotional skills for living, working and learning in the community (Faitar, 2011). 3. The ways in which the parents can help the children to develop moral thought and action in developmentally appropriate ways are as follows: The parents can choose for teaching the rules in a way, which makes clear that they have affection for their children in order to develop moral thoughts and actions (Berkowitz Grych, 1998). The parents should look for the moments when their child is doing something right and they should encourage them by pointing it out, so that the children can distinguish between the right and the wrong (Lewis, K. M. (2012). 4. The three ways in which the stages of socio-emotional development (Erickson) could be accommodated by an authoritative parenting style include the following: Making attempts for shaping, controlling and supporting the behaviours and attitudes of the children Allowing for excess of autonomy and encouraging the children for contributing to their individual development Supporting the present qualities of the child as well as setting higher standards of expectations These ways can help the parents to address the issues of their children and seek ways that can help them to develop physically and mentally (Bornstein, L. Bornstein, M. (2007). 5. The three practical ways in which the early childhood educator can acknowledge the different systems in which the children develop are as follows: Planning the instruction for children in the systems in which they develop supporting the behaviours and attitudes of the children Identifying the developmental needs of the children and improvement of the systems motivating the children to contribute in their own development Evaluating the different goals of the systems in which the children live and develop effectively (Katz, 2003). References Berkowitz, M. W., Grych, J. H. (1998). Fostering goodness: Teaching parents to facilitate children's moral development.Journal of moral Education,27(3), 371-391. Bornstein, L., Bornstein, M. H. (2007). Parenting styles and child social development.Encyclopedia on early childhood development, 1-4. Cherry, K. (N/A). What is child Psychology. A brief Overview of Child Psychology. Retrieve Mar. 2012 from Faitar, G. M. (2011).Socioeconomic Status, Ethnicity and the Context of Achievement inMinority Education. Journal of Instructional Pedagogies. V. 5 Katz, L. (2003). The right of the child to develop and learn in quality environments. International Journal of Early Childhood, 35(1), 13-22. Retrieved from Proquest Sep 13. Katz, L. (2003). The right of the child to develop and learn in quality environments.International Journal of Early Childhood,35(1-2), 13-22. Koffka, K. (2013).The growth of the mind: an introduction to child-psychology(Vol. 75). Routledge. Lewis, K. M. (2012). Evaluation of a social-emotional and character development program: methods and outcomes. Pearson (N/A). Understanding Childrens Development. Retrieve Mar 2012 from BTECFirstChildrensCareLearningandDevelop/Samples/SampleMaterial/UCD%20Unit%201.pdf. Program Planning for Infants and Toddlers, retrieved Mar. 2012 from SearchValue_0=ED453940ERICExtSearch_SearchType_0=noaccno=ED453940 Rivkin, M. S. (2006). Moving learning TOGETHER! Scholastic Early Childhood Today, 20(6), 32-34,36. Retrieved from proquest Sep 13 The Individualist (N/A). How Do Socio-economic Factors Affect Early Literacy? Retrieve Mar. 2012 from Tiller, A. E. BGarrison, B.,Cramer, K. and Tiller, V. The Influence of Parenting Styles on Childrens Cognitive Development. Retrieve Mar. 2012 from

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Economic Enviornment Of Fdi In Uae Economics Essay Essay Example

Economic Enviornment Of Fdi In Uae Economics Essay Essay 1.0 Introduction This subdivision of the study introduces the subject of treatment on which the study is based. It so concentrates on FDI in UAE which is the aim of the study. 1.1 What is Foreign Direct Investment? Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) is the investing of foreign assets into the domestic economic system ( ) . It is an investing of financess to get down operations in another state. FDI can be of several types ; amalgamation, acquisitions, entirely and partly owned investing, perpendicular and horizontal integrating. Theoretically, any company will happen three motivations for doing FDI in a state ; market seeking, resource or plus seeking and efficiency seeking motivations. In context of UAE, market seeking and efficiency seeking motivation can be the possible grounds it has attracted immense FDI influx. Making FDI gives the foreign companies an entree to the GCC market and AIDSs competion with cardinal challengers in the market ( market seeking motivation ) . Since the client base of UAE is broad, it locates the companies closer to clients ( efficiency seeking motivation ) ( Rugman et al, 2005 ) . 1.2 Foreign Direct Investment in UAE We will write a custom essay sample on Economic Enviornment Of Fdi In Uae Economics Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Economic Enviornment Of Fdi In Uae Economics Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Economic Enviornment Of Fdi In Uae Economics Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer UAE has been ranked as the 11th planetary FDI finish on the A.T. Kearney Confidence Index of 2010 harmonizing to a study by AMEinfo ( AMEinfo, 2010 ) . Another study confirms that this rank is for 3 old ages period and UAE has been ranked top in the Middle East ( Department of Economic Development, 2010 ) . The net FDI in UAE was $ 4002.7 million in 2009 reported by UNCTAD. In 2006, it was ranked amongst the top 6 states in the Western Asia with regard to FDI inflows into the state as shown in the graph below. Beginning: ( UNCTAD, 2007 ) It was besides the 5th largest in footings of FDI outflow which was reported to be between $ 2000-3000 million in 2006 ( UNCTAD, 2006 ) . Harmonizing to the World Investment Report by the same organisation, UAE has been categorized on performance/potential matrix as a high forepart smuggler performing artist with a high FDI potency in the hereafter. 2.0 INDICATORS OF THE IMPORTANCE OF FDI IN UAE In this subdivision of the study, growing of the FDI in UAE for the past few old ages will be looked at. Additionally, the way and the grounds of this growing will be studied briefly. 2.1 Growth and FDI cyberspace flow way UAE has experienced a immense growing in addition in FDI inward investing over a period of clip. However one must retrieve that there are non merely FDI inflows that need to be taken into history but besides the FDI outflows to calculate the Net FDI figure. Therefore the tabular array below shows net FDI flows into the UAE economic system from 1990 to 2009. A negative figure represents net FDI escape Beginning: ( UNCTADStat, 2009 ) [ Data in the tabular array has been used for doing graph ] As can be read from the line graph, that the net influx of GDP has been stable from 1990 to 1998 onwards after which there are 2 periods in which net FDI escape has been reported From 2000 onwards, there is once more a rise in the FDI influxs until 2007, nevertheless the largest addition experience between 2002 to 2005. 2008 and 2009 has been a decline period. A study declares that UAE has moved from 90th place worldwide in 1993-1995 to 15th place in footings of pulling FDI in 2003-2005 (, 2007 ) . This analysis has besides been presented in saloon chart below stand foring the per centum increase/ ( lessening ) in Net FDI influx for 5 old ages interval from 1990 to 2009 onwards. The 2009 diminution in FDI investings can possibly be attributed to the planetary economic recession which caused a crisp diminution in FDI s all over the universe. 2.2 Reasons for growing: It is indispensable to place what has been the cause of growing in FDI in UAE since 2000. The chances for profitableness in UAE are really high due to no limitations on trade. Second, UAE if a celebrated vacation topographic point and a tourer finish, pulling big figure of visitants on season like Eid, Diwali, Dubai Shopping Festival, Christmas, GITEX, Film Festival etc. This provides multinationals and other companies with entree to a wider client base from different states. There is a high net income potency in existent estate sector in UAE (, 2007 ) . Of all the Emirates, Dubai has been really successful in pulling foreign investings and is the FDI finish of pick of many investors both within and outside the Middle East ( Al Bawaba, 2010 ) . This is because Dubai and in general other Emirates are perceived as a liberalized hot spot unlike the other GCC states. It is the Centre of planetary concern with a globalized environment. About 80 % of the population in Dubai is exiles who are paid high compared to rest of the universe and the salary offered to them is revenue enhancement free go forthing them with higher disposable income and hence inducements to remain back in the UAE. About all Fortune 500 companies are situated in the free zones of UAE which reflects the importance of UAE to the transnational corporations ( Fredder, n.d ) . Harmonizing to an article, Shaikh Lubna said that the entire value of FDI s made via UAE free zone has touched US $ 73 billion. She besides believes that free zones in the UAE play a critical function in advancing international trade and re-exporting activities which has made UAE top commercial Centre and gives investors market and efficiency motivations therefore beef uping the chances of UAE ( BI-ME, 2010 ) . Furthermore, the well composed substructure of UAE contributes towards attractive force of investing which companies see as an of import factor when sing a state for doing investing in foreign states. The cyb erspace and IT package solutions industry has doubled the rate of Europe which points out the gait of the growing (, 2007 ) . A study points out that a lector at Dubai School of Government said that the key to pulling more FDI in the hereafter will be effectual communicating and transparence in the fiscal sector as both these factors have been damaging to the economic system but now hold cardinal importance in supplying liquidness, therefore assurance and hence pulling FDI ( AMEinfo, 2010 ) . Other grounds fall under the regulative policies that encourage investing in the state and will be discussed in the following subdivision of the study. 2.3 Sectors of the economic system in which FDI is made Not much has been disclosed about which sectors of the economic system have received FDI. However, a study by Trade Arabia informed that of the entire FDI undertakings secured by the UAE, 95 % have been in the fabrication sector. After the economic recession, fabricating sectors in states like USA and Europe has been hit difficult although investings have been made in the UAE to pull investings in this sector once more to derive investor s assurance ( TradeArabia News Service, 2010 ) ( Kawach, 2010 ) . It is besides reported that FDI in the Gulf states is taking topographic point at intra regional degree particularly in the service sector taking signifier of cross boundary line amalgamations and acquisitions (, 2007 ) . On the footing of cognition of the state, existent estate sector has been the primary ground pulling FDI. Furthermore, important receiver industries include telecommunication and touristry excessively (, 2007 ) . Based on the small informations available on the part by sectors, fabrication followed by services and building sectors are the 1s that have been able to pull maximal FDI into the state because the GDP growing part by these factors have been the upper limit ( Dayan, 2010 ) ( AMEinfo, 2010 ) . 3.0 ASSESSING THE FDI ENVIRONMENT In order to measure the FDI Environment in UAE, the authorities policies and the economic environment in general will be studied followed by a treatment on the hereafter FDI chances supported by facts and figures from the secondary resources. 3.1 Regulative environment: UAE economic system as we all are cognizant has a free trade policy. It has a business-friendly authorities particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi and policies allow full repatriation of the net income without bear downing corporate revenue enhancement to the proprietors or income earners for the state. Furthermore, buying of freehold belongingss which provide freedom to foreign investors to lease out the belongingss has besides attracted inward investings into the state ( Fredder, n.d ) . Presently, UAE intends to implement more moderate investing Torahs which are expected to help recoveries in the existent estate sector of the economic system following the slack experienced in 2009 due to recession. The new corporate jurisprudence is expected to be with respects to ownership limitations which will spur investing and offer stableness to the economic system ( Kawach, 2010 ) . Increased liberalisation with regard to denationalization and ownership limitations is being considered in several Emirates. In order to drive FDI, Government of Dubai has late signed an understanding with AT Kearney which will help the Dubai Foreign Investment Office ( FIO ) in inventing policies and the strategic policies to force the growing and assist Dubai keep its image as FDI hub. All facets of FDI will be considered in this respect ( BI-ME, 2009 ) . Therefore, the overall regulative model and authorities policies support investing and supply inducement to pull companies. The development of free zones has besides contributed to the aim. Each Emirate of the state employs its ain policy in coaction with the section developed by each province for looking into foreign investing affairs. 3.2 What is likely to go on in the hereafter? With JAFZA and other economic free trade zones of the state being committed to pull investing, likeliness of addition in Net FDI inward investings in the hereafter is high. Barclays Wealth in AMEInfo reported that the influx of FDI into the UAE is likely to be $ 108bn which is twice the figure in 2007. One must maintain in head that this analysis is based of semi functionary informations since UAE does nt unwrap FDI figures officially ( AMEinfo, 2008 ) . Besides, ranking by A.T. Kearney as 11th best planetary FDI finish along with steps by provinces to spur investing or retrieve from the downswing indicates that the FDI investing into the UAE economic system is likely to increase over at least a three twelvemonth period for which the ranking has been done nevertheless the growing can non be measured. 4.0 FOREIGN COMPANY INVESTING IN UAE This subdivision of the study will analyze a Pakistani company Hemani puting in UAE. It will research several facets of concern alterations that Hemani faced since its investing here. The benefits and costs and other issues faced by the company have been identified via treatment with Mr Ali, who is the partial proprietor of the company. All of the above have been briefly discussed below. 4.1 Introduction: Hemani Trading has been runing in Pakistan since 1949 in natural, agricultural and wellness merchandises. Its cardinal merchandises are herbal tea, green tea, herbal oils and herbal cosmetics. The company decided to do an investing in UAE, Dubai in 1995. 4.2 Reason for taking UAE for investing: Owner s pick of state for investing was UAE because it is a free trade country with a batch of international range. It is a planetary hub for trading connecting Gulf, Africa, Europe, Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia etc. 4.3 UAE as pick of foreign state aided company s growing The company gained immense portion in the markets of North Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe.Currently the company has appointed agents in over 18 states that includes, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Belgium, USA, Canada, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc and has established their ain distribution system for UAE ( providing to major retail mercantile establishments ) . Company has seen a changeless addition of 15-20 % of one-year turnover since their constitution in Dubai. 4.4 Change in authorities policies since gap of the company in UAE This subdivision is quoted as mentioned by Mr Ali. Initially the trading was really easy and bucked up people to work in this part. Over the last few old ages the regulations and ordinances have been tough for little constitutions to run. The state of affairs is really much like Singapore where ab initio it was same as Dubai and people would wing at that place to purchase trade goods of different beginnings. As the clip goes by, the policies in Dubai will merely prefer the multi subjects and do it hard for little concerns to run. The addition cost of operating, like rent, responsibility, other usage charges, labour etc have made it cheaper for clients to purchase goods straight from the beginning ( e.g. China, Pakistan, India etc ) . 4.4 Evaluation: Advantages and Disadvantage faced 4.5.1 Advantages of being here in UAE International market good within range and easy motion of goods with in the Gulf are the major advantages of operating in UAE. Safe and unafraid operations, trade of goods from all around the universe and international experience of selling and gross revenues gained by the company are advantages it got exposed to. 4.5.2 Disadvantages Constitution in UAE meant that company had to give clip and resources here, therefore the place state operations suffered despite holding growing potency. Later on the constitution of mill meant a immense duty on the Pakistan office. Constantly the senior direction has to go back every month to guarantee smooth running of the mill. Besides, remaining in UAE since 1995 has given proprietors no large advantage of remaining as occupants. Developed states of Europe and West offer the citizenship benefits if such investing has been made and if such long period has been spent in their states conveying them concern. 4.5.3 Overall rating Markets of Europe, America, and Africa would non hold been reached good if the company had stayed in Pakistan. It is a topographic point where non many of international clients come to buy goods. Even though the local market of Pakistan is immense with a batch of possible, front client base had to be sacrificed to make international markets. Overall constitution in UAE helped the company grow and make new highs. Although the recent policies of labour, in-migration, usage, port are doing trade hard but since company has entered monopolized point ( manufactured merchandises ) , Mr Ali feels that they would be small affected by the Torahs and hopes that the growing of company continues. 5.0 Decision The environment for FDI in UAE is positive and has been pulling financess in the state from all over the universe. FDI has been a major cause of the GDP growing and creative activity of its image as a globalized economic system. The state gives entree to states to the trading universe therefore broadening their client base economically due to absence of trade barriers in the state. Creation of free trade zones is the major attractive force to corporate investors and multinationals from all over the universe. Most FDI have taken signifier of forward perpendicular or horizontal integrating. However, over a period of clip, although the policies have been modified to liberalise the trading environment and attractive force of FDI, the authorities has failed to take notice of the increasing costs of operations bared by the companies. Therefore, endurance of little sized concerns in the state can be put to inquiry in the hereafter. Nevertheless, in general the economic environment of the st ate seems to be in favor of investors and the potency of UAE as FDI drawing card is strong and that the state will go on to harvest benefits from FDI s in signifier of increased employment, competition, and high profile life styles enjoyed by its occupants.

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The Media is Biased essays

The Media is Biased essays Last night in Baghdad, the six oclock news anchor on channel two reported that the filthy Americans were trying to declare a Holy War on the entire Muslim nation. The media is biased when reporting information. Internationally, the media is usually influenced by political regimes. On a national level, the media will often adopt political points of view. Even locally, the media chooses to report news that supports the point of view of their ownership. One year ago today, John Brown was in the Persian Gulf onboard the United States Ship Cowpens. John, who is a medical doctor, went ashore to a small island known as Bahrain. As he was walking to a restaurant in town, he saw a little boy with his leg caught between the bumper of a car and a wall. There were many people standing around, and a man kept yelling that his brakes did not work. John knew instinctively that the boy needed immediate medical attention. He made a quick decision to carry the boy the two blocks back to the ship. When John arrived at the ship, he was forced by the damage to the boys leg to amputate it from the knee down. John saved the boys life. The next day, the local newspaper had a front-page headline that loosely translated into English as AMERICAN DOCTOR STEALS LOCAL BOYS LEG FOR SCIENCE EXPERIMENT. The fact that John decided to help a little boy in trouble was turned into a diplomatic problem by the bias of an international media outlet and the Am erican Doctors side of the story was never told. Another example of this behavior can be illustrated in Russia during the Cold War years. At that time, Russias primary news communicator was a newspaper entitled Pravda. All stories printed in Pravda were scrutinized for content by the communist government before they were allowed to be included in the daily newspaper. Again bias is demonstrated in the international media. ...

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Bean and Jerry Ice-cream Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Bean and Jerry Ice-cream Company - Essay Example The company started growing successfully due to some chunky ingredients and some unusual and catchy flavor. It was the scoop style which was adopted by them to sell ice-cream but they had to go for the pint way. By the year 1984 they had already been successful in taking the ice-cream company public in the city of Vermont. They got themselves registered under the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) allowing them to buy stock nationwide. Ben and Jerry were considered as good and old boys from the sixties who preferred conducting their meetings in a festive manner than in the stereotypical way of carry out any corporate meeting. They actually tried to show the masses that their company is not a place where people can work with greatness but it also tries to portrait that they are somewhere socially related as well responsible to the whole community and the society. â€Å"Caring Capitalism† is something which these two young people believed in and they eventually donated aroun d 7.5% of the pretax profit for the wellbeing of the society and for those social causes which included Centro for Better Living and Healing Our Mother Earth. Haagen-Dazs is the largest competitor of Benn and Jerry and the former has always been choosy in while distributing ice-creams. It has always aimed the elite class of the society. The funky image which the latter has shown has drawn attention of the younger crowd with catchy eyes. Their commitment to the society is an honest and an obvious approach. The mission statement of Benn and Jerry is the creation as well as demonstration of new concepts of the corporate for linked prosperity. The mission consists mainly of three parts. Underlying this mission is of course the in determination to seek a new as well as creative concepts and styles for addressing all the new parts, while holding this deep respect in case of every individuals outside and inside the company as well as for all the communities of which they consider themselve s to be a part. The company is operated on the basis of a sound and efficient economic system, which helps them to grow in the future and as well as increase the values of their shareholders on the other hand. The economic structure also aims at improving the opportunities of the workers and also is able to give away reward points. The company is also active in such a way that it is recognized everywhere as well as the important role which the company has in shaping the society locally, nationally and internationally. Underlying this particular mission of the company, Benn and Jerry is the creative and new ways of approaching and addressing all these three new parts, while they also try to uphold deep respect and virtue for each and every individuals outside and inside the company and eventually all the communities of which they consider themselves to be a part. 2. Product Benn and Jerry distribute, make and set all the best quality for the natural ice-creams and the dairy products related to a huge variety of unusual flavors which are made from the dairy product of Vermont. Their product which is super premium ice-cream is rich in the butterfat content that is 12%, where as this content is only 6-10 percent in other ice-dream. While ensuring quality of their product and of course to maintain the good old roots in their own community they preferred buying the creams from the